Phân loại Quả Óc Chó theo hình ảnh

Vì lý đo chuẩn xác từ ngữ (nhiều từ tiếng anh rất khó dịch chính xác qua tiếng việt) nên chúng tôi không dịch bài này sang tiếng Việt mà để nguyên mẫu từ phiên bản tiếng anh. Quả Óc Chó Mỷ được phân ra thành 7 loại như sau tùy thuộc vào hình dạng, chất lượng, nguồn cây giống, nơi trồng… Tuy nhiên, 2 loại Quả Óc Chó ChandlerQuả Óc Chó Harley được ưa chuộng nhất vì chất lượng và mùi vị của chúng.

=>Quả Óc Chó 500gr

=>Quả Óc Chó giá sỉ (bao 25KG)

Quả Óc Chó Chandler

The University of California introduced the Chandler walnut in 1979 and named it after W. H. Chandler, Professor of Pomology, at U. C. Davis. Today it is the most prominent variety grown in California. The Chandler walnut is large, smooth and oval shaped with a good shell seal. Chandlers are known around the world and are highly prized by buyers for their extra light and high quality kernels. Harvested mid to late season, Chandlers provide one of the highest kernel yields of any of the varieties.

Quả Óc Chó Hartley

In 1915, the Hartley walnut was exhibited at the World’s Fair and won the blue ribbon for premium inshell nut. Today this “classic walnut”; is the principal variety marketed inshell. Hartleys are harvested mid-late season. The thin-shelled, well-sealed nut is easy to crack and continues to be the best inshell walnut variety for customers who require an artificially bleached shell.
Did you know that the Hartley walnut is the only walnut variety that can stand vertically? This is due to its broad shoulders and the relatively flat anatomy of the nut crown.

Quả Óc Chó Payne
The Payne walnut, one of the older varieties, was established in 1898 by horticulturist George C. Payne in Santa Clara County. Usually the first to be harvested, Payne walnuts are small to medium size and have a very good shell seal. Many of today’s walnuts have the Payne variety in their background.

Quả óc Chó Tulare

The Tulare walnut is an increasingly popular inshell variety, known for its high yield. A newer variety, the Tulare was derived from a tree grown from seed at the University of California walnut breeding program, directed by Eugene Serr and Harold Forde in 1967. Named after a county in California’s Central Valley, Tulares are harvested mid-season and continue to be a significant contributor to the state’s walnut production.

Quả Óc Chó Vina
The Vina walnut is an early to mid-season variety and is popular with growers in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Vinas are a cross between Franquette and Payne walnuts. The nut is medium to large in size, pointed, and looks similar to Hartley but is less flat on the base. Color is a good tan and the shells are well-sealed. The Vina is well known for its good quality and high yield.

Quả Óc Chó Waterloo

The Waterloo is a unique heirloom variety. Of California’s total 240,000 acres planted to walnuts, only 534 acres are planted with Waterloo walnuts. The Barton Ranch devotes 31 acres to the Waterloo. This walnut is unique in that it closely resembles the highly regarded Sorrento Italian variety. The nut is unusual in shape as it is pointed at both ends. It is generally considered to be one of the sweetest-tasting varieties cultivated in California, and is highly prized by culinary experts for its flavor.

Quả Óc Chó Howard
Howard walnuts have steadily increased in popularity since their introduction approximately 25 years ago. A University of California variety, this large, round, smooth nut has a good seal and is harvested mid-season. Well known for its light nutshell color and attractive natural appearance, the Howard walnut features a large, light kernel that provides outstanding flavor. Howard walnuts rank among the top six varieties grown in California, which together account for more than 75% of the state’s walnut production.

Phân loại Quả Óc Chó theo hình ảnh
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